Veridis started with the initiative of founders Anders Rinaldi, Priscila Nonato and Rodolfo Brant; who realized the need to portray such an important subject in an unusual way.

Empathic situations at their different levels and proposed in VR pills, this to bring awareness to people in relation to issues so relevant and important that they need our attention.

Since last year, the team has been dedicated to the Empatia 1.0 project, which has its first MVP version this year.


Anders Rinaldi Angelin has a degree in Audiovisual and Programming, developing work in modeling and GameDev since 2015. He started his career in virtual reality and photogrammetry at CITI-USP (Interdisciplinary Center for Interactive Technologies) under the guidance of Prof. Marcelo Knörich Zuffo. Since then, he has developed work in the most diverse areas, including graphic art, games, 3D printing and reconstruction via algorithms. He is currently part of the Innovation team at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and is a founding partner of Dive Virtual Realities.

Priscila dos Anjos Nonato is an audiovisual producer (project coordination, script and creative direction), an advertising graduate from UFG and a multimedia entrepreneur. Connected with the latest trends in technology, it operates in the broadcast and streaming business, manages Rádio Sens, where it presents its own weekly podcast Pricas Vibes . He also coordinated the productions of Facebook studios in Latin America.

Within the universe of music, technology and internet, he has also joined the expansion team of the Lark Player app, Mobiuspace and has been developing his new project company Alpha Virtual, which will hit the market later this year.

The Veridis project has been one more bet by the entrepreneur in the field of technology, which seeks to connect, inspire people and companies to improve human mentality and the search for a more empathic, fair and aggregating conscience.


Rodolfo Brant de Carvalho, Entrepreneur and Audiovisual Producer with Music Business course at Point Blank Music School, Audio and Acoustics at IAV and Game Development at Unity, has the mission of expanding the human experience through virtual reality. He started his career with the Soul Mates Festival that brought to Brazil the legend of Soul Music, Billy Paul. Since then he has worked in areas such as audiovisual production, production of cultural events, project management, always as an entrepreneur. He is currently a founding partner of Dive Virtual Realities, a founding partner of Label Disorder and one of the creators of the Veridis project, in which he brought the concept of empathy in virtual reality from the work of visionary Jaron Lanier.