About Us

Veridis is a project focused on developing immersions in virtual reality, in order to generate information and empathy, through experiences of social awareness, under the eyes of the other and against the prejudice existing today.


In this way, people can have a closer and more real perspective with the situation portrayed in each of the experiences.

Our aim is to show the world what it is like to see life through the eyes of other people.


Veridis, through the "Empathy" immersions, has the mission to bring knowledge and information to people through immersion in virtual reality, producing a simulated experience of being inserted physio-psychologically in the minds of people, in general minorities of our society who go through difficult situations that, in most cases, are misunderstood and end up being kept up to date and excluded from the means of coexistence considered “normal” by our society.

This model proposes to the participants, to observe and feel the sensations in first person, to realize what it is like to live daily the moment when these situations happen or manifest themselves in the day-to-day.


The project aims to create empathy for the public in general with people who go through these situations, with the intention of demystifying beliefs spread by common sense, which often results in social exclusion in several ways.

The desktop version serves as a laboratory for beta testers. The virtual reality version will soon be accessible to the public due to its possibility of presence and generation of empathy, unmatched by traditional media such as video and audio; to achieve our goal with the first MVP Empatia 1.0.


All immersions developed by Veridis are supported by professionals and specialists in the area portrayed in each thematic immersion, so that we have the necessary conditions to faithfully reproduce an experience in virtual reality through the eyes of others.

We do not accept and do not contribute in any way to practices that induce prejudice and discrimination of any kind.

Through the development of the Empatia project, we seek to bring common sense to social causes that deserve attention and responsibility. We work in order to make the empathic experience more and more natural, so that one day we can live in a just and peaceful society in which everyone has access to knowledge, understanding of compassion and quality health.